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So if the Giants were to trade him for mut 23

But Beckham breaks this rule, according to me. I've watched him win Giants games. He's caught short passes , and transported them to the stadium for to determine the score for games. For all the flak it takes to propose kicking nets and punching cooling fans, he's beloved within the locker area.

He's a hard-core athlete, keep the locker room slack and is always on his game every gameday. He's not distracting.

So if the Giants were to trade him for that, it wasn't a valid reason.

How about the money? The Giants recently offered Beckham an enormous deal in the offseason. It was the most lucrative player in the Madden NFL 23 at roughly $18 million per season. They paid him $21.5 million last year over the course of the games he was in, and incur $16 million in dead cap space this year for him.

Beckham was not even asking for his trade but the Giants with a significant cost to the financial, traded the player anyway.

The Giants REALLY don't have a plan.

Other have also made this argument and it's true and the Giants are developing a team around a 38-year-old quarterback whose productivity has declined over time. The Giants have shored up the offensive line, and added Saquon Barkley as a running back behind it. Sterling Shepard doesn't scream No. one wideout at me, though.

The Giants lack talent in the defensive department. There is no pass rush, no inefficient linebackers, no player to defend the pass. What's their plan? What's the plan?
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